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Jab They Met

The Protagonist of this post are two people.
A girl named "Ms. B'ful hair" and a guy named "Mr. Ghaint". They were best of friends. Their frequency matched to an extent that they themselves were amused. Truth being, they were both "so- not- ordinary" on their own selves.
So different and yet so similar, so apart and yet so close. The only constraint being they lived 250 kms apart. The distance is not very long, but it matters to those who cant see each other everyday for the far-ness does restrain them.
They had met many times before, but this time was something important and special. Ghaint's birthday. And also, the time when they were both getting closer emotionally, bonding more than friends, realizing their attachment reaching peaks.They planned for the day for over more than a month. They talked and talked about it. They would do this and they would do that, they would go and they would wander there, they would shop, they would have lunch together, they would have "Geleto" together, they would go for a movie or they would spend time in some café.
And since it had been long time since they last saw each other, they were more than excited.
Finally the day arrived. With butterflies in her stomach, and teenage awkwardness, 'B'ful Hair' sat on the pre- decided bench waiting for 'Ghaint'. He had caught rough cold and cough and was a little late for their first ever "official date".
After loong hours of waiting in the freezing cold of January, when she saw him approaching, she turned around, silently wishing him to bear hug her from behind only to realize they were standing in a packed public place and he was too 'shy' to shake hands [sounds cute ;) for a guy].
After exchanging the "hiez/helloz", and wishing him b'day (she had beforehand thought of kissing him on the cheek to wish him, but again, damn the jam packed public place) both of them atingled to see each other after such long time, they headed towards nowhere. To find a place to sit and talk and to look at each other.
So they moved on, craving deep down to hold hands, chatting a little too bit, when they found themselves standing outside a shopping mall. They went inside, 'B'ful hair' trying to keep pace with fast but not seemingly furious 'Ghaint' (for one moment she thought that was he in a hurry or that he dint want to be seen with her, was she looking that terrible?).
They lingered in the mall for a while, but then decided to move to a cozier place where they could catch up while sipping on their coffees. And they stepped out towards a "Hookah bar" in the neighbourhood when 'B'ful Hair' startled on the out of the blues 'Ghaint's fingering her hair while she walked besides him. And this called for a giggle.
They chose an acute couch at the bar to be close enough to talk to each other. Talking about each other's lives, updating each other with happenings, and all the crap of the world but not the desired content of thier errand and The date.
'B'ful hair' pulled out a small packet out of her hand bag and passed it to 'Ghaint' as the B'day gift she had brought him- a pair of cufflinks. 'Ghaint' bantered why had not she gift wrapped it and all she could do was a broad smile.
They had their coffee and babbled about this and that.
They stayed there for a while and then moved on to another restaurant for lunch, though none of them felt hungry. While they chose a table to be seated at, 'B'ful Hair' retired to the ladies room, to freshen up a little and to take off her coat to reveal her halter neck top she had purposely chosen for for the occasion.
When she returned to the table, the heat between them grew. They kept sitting there for an hour or so before finally ordering something to feed themselves up.
They excused themselves from the restaurant for the dessert. Geleto was no more a choice, Ghaint had a real bad throat, so they chose to grab a quick slice of cake in the neighbourhood.
'B'ful Hair' forgot to give Ghaint the "B'day bite" and finished her share of the slice so quick and disappointed Ghaint (what he told her days later in their "lazy lamhe").
They sat there in Ghaint's car for what seemed like hours passing in a matter of seconds, shaing pictures, bantering, cajoling with each other, before finally moving for a random long drive.
They dint know where they were heading to, or what they were going to do but they kept on driving for hours, exploring the outskirts of the town, finding a lake they never knew existed, passing through a botanical garden, stealing looks at each other through corners of their eyes, when ultimately, Ghaint gathered all his guts and held out his hand for 'B'ful Hair' to hold.
She was literally waiting for this moment to arrive, and without wasting a single split second she held his hand. They drove through the highway silently holding each others hand, even while changing the gears, occasionally pecking on hands, when he finally pulled off the car on the roadside, and they came closer.
Hesitating Ghaint put his arm around her is what she thought was happening but when she dint feel the touch, for one second she thought she has become numb out of excitement but when she turned around, she found his hand on the back rest of her seat. Furiously, she took his hand and put it around her shoulder and leaned her head on his shoulder for real.
They kept sitting like that silently for a while when at last she heard him say "come closer, I wanna hug you tight".
It was happening. She drew herself towards him to embrace that "Lovely Bandit" (she used to call him in thier intimate SMS moments) and before she knew, she felt his lips being pressed to hers.
Everything else ceased to exist.
- Richa
Read more of her works at Redefining Abstractions


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