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And a year passes By...

For all those who don't know, and for any one who forgot, on 1st of July, 2009 Jagruti completed one year of its existence.

Congratulations to all of you, readers, members, supporters, critics, everyone. My gratitude to all I express.
A special mention for Sid, Karthik, Aakriti, Richa who all in their own way helped in shaping up Jagruti to where it stands today. I made several experiments for the betterment of the blog, failed in most of them still these people stood by firm.

Change is neccessary and change has to happen. Jagruti, earlier being a mere blog like millions of others associated with blogspot is now going to have it's own identity. And this identity is being given in form of

I have tried, in the past, of forming various administrative teams, so that a democratic social structure can be established for the blog. But most of the times, the idea just didn't go well. So now I have got rid of that anomly by associating this blog with Orangy. Now, Jagruti wont be a blog but a website. A professionally managed website. Memberships as such are being done away with. Everyone who wishes to contribute shall be doing so through
The old members, can still contribute through thier dashboards.

However, the only thing that shall remain intact is the social charter, our commitment towards causes of the society, especially youth, women and religion.

Hope, you all like the new initiatives. Orangy's world traffic ranking, till date stands at

Tushar Mangl


Pankhuri said…
All the best !!

This blog has done pretty well till date and may it shall rise up in the future more more and much much more than what it has till now..

My best wishes with orangy and all its sub domains :-))

Si_Lee said…
three cheers
:) :) :)
Richa said…
way to go!!

hip hip hurray!! :)
Kartz said…
6,281,091 ---> 1

Amen to that! :)

And Tushar, you deserve more than just a special mention for taking up this initiative dude! Gratz to you too! :)

Ad Majorem "Mission Jagruti" Gloriam...

Peace. Have a nice day.

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