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Blogger Interview # 3 Shruti Singh

I speak of days, perhaps around a year back, when I had first found Blogger Shruti's blog The Track I Am on which is now termed as Lithium, after the name of the blogger's favorite song.
But the name may have been changed, the essence, the darkness the beauty of it, remains intact even till this day. I had written a review on the blog as well, and its available here at Orangy at this address.

Let's run through the interview now:

1) Tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I'm presently in class 12. A hard core Evanescence fan, I can do almost anything to attend their concert. Writing has been my companion since I entered my teenage. I started off as a really bad writer (trust me on this one). But with time, experiences and exposure I have grown. I like being effervescent most of the times. And I hate myself when I go through the writer's block!

2) Some words about your blog/ blogs.

My blog is my baby and I'm not ashamed to use this word for it. It is my part. My everything. Because the things I'm never able to speak out, I convey them through my blog. It is simply my reflection... the work on my blog is a true copy of me on the inside!

3) How much time has it been for you in the blog world.

I made my first blog when I was 14. But I was never regular. It was in class 10 that I actually started blogging seriously and made the blog world my second home.

4) Your definition of blogging would be:

Freedom of expression in true sense. To me, a person's blog speaks volumes about his/her personality. Blogging gives me that freedom to write what I feel, without anyone's influence. It has given me that confidence which I lacked and it cannot be explained in words! Blogging to me is an exposure to the unlimited talent and honesty and sincerity with which people dedicate themselves to their inner selves.

Every blogger has his/her story, what is yours?

Uhun.. the best question. In class 10, I made my present blog. It was during my board exams that I wrote this article. I was extremely low because of the situations at home. I wrote it to let it all out of me. And then I got comments. I was encouraged. I posted again... this time.. a more serious issue of drunk driving. I received positive comments again. So I thought that I should actually discover myself as a writer. And here I am... giving interviews for blogs (:

An ideal blog according to you would be?

The one which has personal experiences carved beautifully in words which weave a great story. And also.. I love versatility. The more variety I see in a blog, the more I love it (:

Tell us, generally, what kind of role does aesthetics play in blogging.
Does the presentation of a blog matter a lot?

Presentation of a blog does matter. But not "that" much. Initially, it is required to gain some attention of the fellow bloggers (this is what i have felt). But then if the content is not appealing, no one would like to visit the blog.. let alone read it. What's important is the thing which lies on the inside and not on the outside.

Your favorites :
blogging platform (blogger/wordpress/etc):

I haven't explored any other platforms except Blogger. So I'm all for Blogger! Go Blogger!!

Any plans or wishes to own a personal website one day?

Oh.. I'm so not that "website" person. When it comes to cumbersome and technical things I'm always on the back seat. It takes hell lot of courage for me to change even my blog template. So.. not really!! I don't plan to own a website! I'm happier with this little space I have.

Lastly, a message you got to relay to all the blogger beings and our
patrons out here:

Write and write good. No matter what your forte is, you should always explore other styles as well. And for me, it is always important that whatever I am reading, I should be able to relate to it. Which, I understand, doesn't always happen. But all I want to tell all my blogger mates is that a pen and a paper has the power to make a difference... Really! I write, to feel better, to share my views, and also because I want to tell all my readers that being a dark writer is not always negative (:


A good point made their at the end. I loved this interview, hope you too enjoyed it. Gauri Mathur's interview comes next on the series.


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Gauri Mathur said…
Yeah..that was nice..!!!

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