Sitting on her bed, she kept on thinking...reflection...

She had dated nearly all kinds of guys. The ones wanting commitment, the ones abhorring them as a pest, the ones still thinking about it, and then finally the ones who have no time for it. She had travelled nearly all dimensions of love and relationships (at least that what she thought).but now...she was back to square one. What she wanted was still a mystery for her. On the career front, she was on the zenith of it, she earned real well. She had a family back at her home town. A real happy and complete family. She had equally good social life. But then, what was it that was still required? a perk at the work place? a better flat? a new wardrobe? a vacation perhaps?no.none of them. What she needed was time. For herself. Time to analyse what she actually wanted out of life now. After what all she ever wanted was achieved, she needed to set new goals and ambitions in life. To keep moving ahead. She didn’t need a relationship. She needed AIM. a new AIM.

Realizing this...she got up from her bed and sat at her table. she opened her diary...and wrote...THINGS TO DO TOMORROW.



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