Chamber Maid’s Trolley

The housemaid’s trolley is a large fitted conveyance which is used for holding all items required for guest room cleaning. It has dirty linen bag, a garbage bag, racks for linen, and shelves for keeping guest supplies. The cleaning supplies are kept in a separate container called a caddy. This prevents other items in the trolley from getting wet and dirty. It is convenient to carry the caddy into guest bathroom when cleaning it. As a rule, the chamber maid’s trolley should be parked in front of guestroom with the door ajar when doing cleaning. Otherwise, trolley can be parked against the wall at a side of the corridor without blocking the way to the guestroom. However room attendant, must always have a clear view of the trolley to avoid any pilferage (minor theft of items in the trolley). Best Regards


aniket said…
it has the capacity to clean how many rooms ?

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