Content Writing Courses

It's been quite some time since I last posted here and now I wish to inform you about some courses I am starting.
One is for corporates who wish to get thier manpower trained that is the writing manpower. Or institutions and schools who wish to seek for guest lectures.

Then thier is a basic course which is being termed as Creative Writing Course. Spread over 30 hours and costing around 3000 bucks, this one shall teach and implore you to bring out your creative juices, to splash around all over.

Again for 30 hours, thier is an advanced course that shall be called, Professional Content Writing Course and shall cost around five thousand rupees. It is designed to groom you into professional writers and teach you all the depth and reason to well utilize your creative talent.

All this is gonna happen under the banner of Swadeshi School of Professional writing, being patronized by Orangy Consultancies
A unit of Sigma Agro Industries Private Limited


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