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.How can anybody fragmented something which is already fragmented .

In reference to the article published regarding the a Chinese diplomat urging the Chinese government to make arrangements to divide India .I would like to inform the esteemed Chinese diplomat that you cant divide India .How can anybody fragmented something which is already fragmented .

The seven Eastern queens (Tripura ,Assam,Nagaland ,Mizoram,Meghalaya ,Arunachal Pradesh,Manipur )want to get separated out from India . Andhra Pradesh is asking for a separate Telengana State , naxals control a significant amount of area in Chattisgarh and Orissa..Punjab has already shown its inclination towards Khalistan Region..If this isn’t enough we have segregated ourselves on the basis of cast, creed , religion ,sex and any other perceivable form of categorization Who in the world has the guts to break an already broken house .We are secular only till someone incites us. We are ready to burn up anything and anybody on the slightest of provocation. We lecture every one on the Constitution of India ,the values which it upholds ,but we take as much pride in breaking them. We want the world to change but don’t want to change ourselves. We want cleanliness all around but we will not prohibit ourselves from throwing in open or littering.
Despite all the negativities that we may possess we Indians are greatly bonded in times of adversity, We become united in times of an external aggression. But it always takes a third party to unite us Indians .During the Kargil war the whole of India stood united against the tyrant Pakistan.We become united when our former president is pestered with in an alien country .So now that the Chinese have infuriated us all lets get united and show these fools what really Indians are all about . Let us show these ruffians that there arm twisting strategies will not work against India and that we have the capability to retaliate if attacked .


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