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Modern reading trends

Reading has become a pastime only few elite indulge in. People don’t have the time or the patience to read. They d much rather listen to a podcast or a music system than sit down with a novel .People prefer a magazine or a journal to a novel and that too on a journey , in a flight when there is nothing better to do . When the ipods and the mobile batteries are maxed out. Then can an individual find solace in reading as a last resort.

But some books which generally get picked up are self help books. To improve self confidence , to save a marriage ,to find peace and calmness in this hectic schedule ,spice up the sex life are some of the common books which people grab whenever they get a chance Books on yoga, meditation and therapies also deserve a mention in this regard . Basically anything which is practical and can be out to use in daily life are the best sellers these days

Fiction and non fiction cater to only a few individuals and do not end up becoming best sellers .Autobiographies occupy a significant space in the market may be due to the protagonists influence or due to his opulence. Bestsellers is a category created for the less lazy individuals so that people they at least read some books .

Some introspective reports do suggest that this is an era of feminism .Women occupy the center stage in all all books and annals of life .Long gone is the time when women were considered child bearing machines and kitchens kittens Now they pursue there life with as much vigor as men Books are being written in praise of the X chromosome (women) s, glorifying there achievements.

Whatever may be the current trends, each and every one of us must spare out some time from our busy schedules to read .It is a great pastime as well a great rejuvenating medium. It causes no stress to eyes, no wastage of electricity, no harm to ears so why make it a habit to read before we go to bed .If nothing else is possible let’s start reading the full news paper which is cheap and affordable activity


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