A peaceful Easy Feeling

Hey folks,

First let me explain the title of this post. This one picked up from, Meetu's Reflections, a blog, maintained by a writer colleague. A must check out for all of you out there.

You know, it is interesting to note that, most of the professional writers you will meet, have had tried their hands on blogging, personal blogging that is, and almost all of them got so busy with their writing work, that the personal blog, got deleted, dumped, or discarded. Many of those blogs, now roam around as ghost blogs in the blogosphere. You can see my own blogs, Jagruti, Footsteps, Food, all are deprived of my own writings, for I am occupied in my work.

So today, reading this title of Meetu Ma'am's blog, A peaceful easy feeling, I think, is this not bad, that we are writers, we write content for websites, brochures and all. But we don't have time for our blogs, which are our own babies, our own creations. And does this not mean that we dont have for personal things now, that we are so busy in profession that we don't have time for self?

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