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My Insights as a Writer into this Whole Business of Article Writing

Hi Reader,
I hope I’ve found you in a tranquil state of mind where you’ll have the endurance to read my ramblings and hopefully empathize with me too. Well then, here I go….
I began writing when I left my job and could not take up anything in the hiatus of pregnancy. Well, don’t most writers begin this way nowadays, somebody lost a job, another person dropped out of college, some other mother of two found about these really easy writing jobs that she could take up and earn decent bucks … and to be honest nothing wrong with these reasons! Except that, most people are unaware that writing, like any other job requires a certain degree of instinctive talent and some amount of training or expertise at the job. This is the primary reason that most writers, especially those from the so called ‘third world countries’ become a matter of joke for most of the writing community.
Writing as an article writer or text content provider may bring in a good income and I stand testimony to that - in merely five months, I progressed from being a struggler to becoming an established writer/content provider who has a steady income and some really nice clients. Time and the internet world have been kind to me, but I would not undervalue the importance of the most overlooked thing in this case – quality. Whether you are writing for your own blog or for commercial purposes or maybe providing services to clients who require content for their sites, usually the most important thing that can help you create your own niche here is the quality. In this particular scenario I define quality by – ‘writing good and writing correct’. Good writing means writing correct language and interesting thoughts and correct writing means writing what is required by the client or what adheres to the mood of the blog/site.
Another thought that comes in, is about the bottom-low rates that are offered to writers these days. Even this is attributed to ‘poor country writers’ who offer to work for such rates probably because ‘A dollar is a lot of money in their currency’.
Well, guess it’s time to take up the cudgels as well as the shovels into our hands. We need to fight tooth and nail against these embarrassingly low rates that article writers are offered as well as clean up our own acts. Ensuring that the writers are provided with some kinds of workshops and training to ensure that they are at least aware of the basics of the job and the current trend is a good idea. This will ensure that our writers will stand up and demand what is rightfully theirs and not scuffle for morsels handed over by greedy clients.
- Mah Talat
Mah Talat is an India based Web content writing services provider and a writer. If you wish to get in touch, you can do so my mailing us at and we shall forward your message to her.


A M said…
Well, I feel that about the low rates, a lot is to be blamed on the writers themselves. If a writer simply is not improving or making a lot many mistakes, we got to keep a larger margin so that we spend more time on correcting and glossing up the article. Yes, aggressive business strategies do lower the rates, but competency is also the key here.

And, thanks a ton for writing for us here at Orangy. I really appreciate the gesture for penning down such a beautiful piece for us :-)

- Tushar
tamanna said…
Hi Mah Talat:-)
Really liked ur insights:-)
I do agree with your specification and importance of quality in the professional writing world. I mean if in any case one IS actually providing good quality and not being paid upto the levels others are, it is a matter of concern. And you are right when you say awareness needs to be created. I mean writing is a full fledged career option, and not only for those who are carryin it out for comfort reasons. Being a college student, i can bet, in fact i found out dat i'm the only student in my batch who actually knows what this content writing is!!

But we can hope dat da word gets out and we get out in da world as an intelligent country with great content writers:-)
P.S. Hope your baby's doin great:-):-)
Meetu said…
Hi Mah Talat:)

Your insights are too good.
However, i feel that treating all writers in the same manner is not right. I do agree with you that writers need to focus on quality and correct writing. And your point about taking fighting for our dues is also absolutely true. If we provide the right content and quality, there is no reason why we should be paid less.


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