Total No. of Questions: 13] [Total No. of pages: 02

J-3008 [S-08] [2037]

BBA (Semester-1ST )


Time: 03 Hours Maximum Marks: 75

Instruction to the Candidates:

    1. Section- A is compulsory.
    2. Attempt any Nine questions from Section-B.


    Q1) (15 x 2 = 30)

    1. What is Business Communication?
    2. What is audio-visual Communication?
    3. How does communication help in self-development?
    4. What is a single-stand network in grapevine?
    5. How does one mean by ‘editing’ in a business message?
    6. How can clarity be achieved in communication?
    7. What is an office memorandum?
    8. What is resume writing?
    9. What is a bad news letter?
    10. Mention two principles. Which are important while making a presentation?
    11. What is the importance of a sign in non-verbal communication?
    12. What is proxemics?
    13. What is the difference between listening and hearting?
    14. How do video session help in improving listening skills?
    15. What is marginal listening?

    Section- B

    (9 x 5 = 45)

    Q2) Why is communication important in a business organization?

    Q3) What are the advantages of written communication?

    Q4) Explain downward communication with examples.

    Q5) What is the importance of completeness and courtesy in communication?

    Q6) What does the need to conduct surveys arise?

    Q7) What are the various steps involved in writing a business letter?

    Q8) Write a memo to the employees of your organization informing them of the change in timings of the office.

    Q9) What are the factors that can adversely affect a good presentation?

    Q10) What are the various aspects of kinesics?

    Q11) What is the importance of non-verbal communication?

    Q12) What are the barriers of listening?

    Q13) How can one become a good listener?

    * * *



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