Start at the upper left side and work clockwise or counter clockwise.

Lurns the mattresses

Dust the bed frame and the headboard.

Place the mattress protector properly.

  1. Spread the first sheet on bed.
  2. Mitre upper left corner.
  3. Mitre the lower left corner.
  4. Put the second sheet on the bed, upside down just touching the headboard.
  5. Put the blanket on top leaving about 10-12 inches from the headboard.
  6. Put the night spread over the blanket.
  7. Lurn the second sheet over the blanket at the top.
  8. Lightly foli and tuck the blanket along the side at the head.
  9. Mitre the sheets and the blanket at the left foot of the bed.
  10. Mitre the first sheet at the right foot of the bed.
  11. Luck in the sheet:-
    1. Mitre the sheets and blankets at the right foot of the bed.
    2. If required make a foot fold.
  12. Mitre the underneath sheet at the head.
  13. Fold in the top sheet over the blanket and fold neatly tuck in.
  14. Put the pillows at the head.
  15. Put the spread in place going neatly tuck at the pillows.


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