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"You may be sure when a man begins to call himself a REALIST, he is preparing to do something he is secretly ashamed of doing."-SYDNEY .H .ARRIS

So that is what they are...realists. Facing the worst truths of their lives with a lie detector thrusted on to their beings...isn’t it just sending thrills down your spine??But the parliament isn’t exactly as thrilled about it as you and me."THEY FEEL THAT A PERSON REVEALING GRIMMY SECRETS OF HIS OR HER PRIVATE LIFE TO WIN BIG MONEY ON REALITY T.V IS AGAINST INDIAN VALUES AND MORALITY".-mail today,Saturday,July 25,2009.

Apt??Or unacceptable? Does, not revealing secrets form a part of Indian values and morality finds it really awkward. How can we keep on relating issues and happenings which are either new to us or away from the league or which creates ripples on the surface of our Indian values? If we really want something to be stopped or if we desperately need to keep something away from the society, can’t we think of better excuses? If women work or become more goes against our morality and values. If an amendment is passed over an article of our constitution which has been long goes against our morality and values, if we think of educating youth and implementing them with the knowledge of tools to prevent AIDS and STDs and other such similar problems..It goes against our Indian values and morality. Can’t we people and specially our leaders advocate on something more relevant and worth discussing? Like fake encounters and disrespect of women in public and gunda raj of state governments? Why on earth do we people need to waste our valuable time on mere entertainment TV programmes where people are not dragged to the show by their collars but they actually ASSENT to such adventures??THINK AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELVES.



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