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Simple steps to Save water ... The Ice way and the other ways

Shubh Gupta is a teenager, who loves his coke with plenty of ice.

Mrs. Geetika is a housewife, who likes to entertain her friends and family. One of her specialties is Jaljeera, which she prepares with loads of ice to make it refreshing and cool.

Pritam Singh is a farmer, who works in his fields the whole day and likes to unwind with a glass full of lassi containing at least 3-4 ice cubes.

Now, you might have heard about and seen, experienced a lot many people, enjoying their beverages with generous quantities of ice. From Scotch to Shinkwanji, ice is a common ingredient in all.

So I say, why throw the left over ice in the sink? Why not throw it in the soil where plants grow?
The ice will soon melt way and plants will get some irrigation too.

Blogger Shruti, when asked about one simple idea to save water, actually gave me two (She is quite generous by nature)
1) Make sure that u have a bath in just one bucket of water
2) Use a crusher to get rid of the dirt from the dishes. A bone crusher that crushes the food left on the plate. This reduces the water used to wash the dishes.

When I asked blogger Akriti to lend in some of her views on the topic, she gave me two very interesting points

1) Don't use it
2) Turn off the tap when not in use
Well, on this note, I may add that I belong to that lucky population on Earth who can enjoy a 24 hour water supply. Still, I feel since water is slowly becoming a luxury, it is our responsibility too. The fortunate ones should not just shrug off, saying that that their is no water problem in our area. Everyone should make efforts to curb wastage.
Blogger Tamanna, texted me a short while ago two of her favorite water conservation techniques.
1) Closing the tap while brushing teeth
2) Bathing with a bucket and not taking a shower.
So friends, each and every step you take on water conservation it counts. Every drop makes an ocean and we do need a healthier ocean of groundwater that is declining so rapidly.
Saving each drop will only save that ocean. Do your bit. But not before commenting in your ideas, tips, suggestions on water conservation.


tamanna said…
ummm...isn't it that the ice due to its temperature will harm the plants:-/
nice post vaisey:p

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