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Na ro Munde Di Maa, Na ro (Don't cry, boy's mother, don't cry)

Why is Aman's mother crying and wailing?

Just because she lost her son?

Or because he was just eight years old?

So what, if it was only a minor looking injury?

So what, if the hospital was just nearby to your house?

You got to understand, Aman's mother, it was Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,

who had graced your city with his presence.

You got to understand, Manmohan Singh's life value is much much higher than your son's.

Don't you know, you should not disturb the security people by begging and pleading

Don't you know, PM's movement is much more important than reaching a dying person to the hospital.

You are writing letters to Sonia Gandhi, for you also perhaps know, that Mr. Singh can never do any thing, not even sympathize with you.

You asked for a compensation of ten lakh,
They have refuted the charge, that your son could not have died due to their negligence.
They don't seem to mind,
that your teenage daughter shall always live with the fact that his brother bled to death.
All sixty plus minutes of it.

So don't cry mother, don't cry,
Your son died today,
but someone's son also died similarly last year.
their shall be several more mothers in days to come,
who shall need a shoulder to cry over their child's demise.

Because politicians like prestige and power,
to flaunt it, and to badger it around.

Don't cry mother, Don't cry.

The people don't care,
but you are aware,
you cannot let Aman die in waste
No you cannot.


tamanna said…
bura haal hai...bhot bhot bura...
par in sab key baare mein baat karney key ilaawa kuch karr sakktey hottey toh kya baat thi...
and dis makes it all the more worse:(

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