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The movie of 2010: 'Phas Gaye re Obama'

Simply put; this is the movie of the year. Very entertaining, great performances and a good story line to go with the humor element. Phas Gaye Re Obama has it all. The only thing, I felt that the director Subash Kapoor left out was the typical dance number (something that was earlier called a cabaret and now an item song) maybe because of the low budget with which the movie was made.

In fact, this low budget thing works out well for the movie. The director and his crew, seem to have not wasted any one's time, and the speed at which the film moves is quite fast. This is also important, as the plot and story line of the movie is such, that can be prone to slack or slowness.

Also, with low budget, there are virtually no huge stars, no huge media hooplah, that keeps in check the viewer's expectations from the film. Sanjai Mishra, Rajat Kapoor and Neha Dhupia are the only recognizable faces in the star cast. Nevertheless, the performances have been super.

So go watch this movie. I am not divulging any details about the story, but shall drop off a hint. In all the endless literature, videos, news, books, documentaries and public discussions on the great recession of 2008 and its impact on common folk, this one is a classic.


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