A whiff of old memories

It happens with me often. I don't know about the reader, though. Some object or a song or a picture becomes an icon of of memories. For example, you here a particular song and it reminds you of your kid days. A picture can be a window of a whole long vacation that you had been part of.

One such icon, that clicked upon me, the other day, during lunch was the smell of a paneer parantha. Yes, when I was a kid, mom used to pack paranthas for tiffin (She still does that, btw but now we refer to it as lunch not tiffin). One of my favorites, way back were paneer paranthas. I like them simple, with filling of just paneer (cottage cheese) and salt. I am not familiar with the technicalities, but food does differ in taste if you eat it fresh or you pack it for some hours and then eat it. I can never seem to forget the aroma of packed paneer paranthas. In my brain, it has been associated with a picture of Petals, the nursery school that I attended as a child.

Speaking about old memories and childhood, I feel, one should never keep a lot of memory figures in their closets, almirahs or worse; bed boxes. If you try to understand Vastu or simple positive energy techniques, clutter at your place, always hampers good energy. Plus, all the stuff would remind you and pull you towards past. And if one is stuck in past, how would he/she progress into future?

That said, I also have a theory, that you should certainly maintain a few souvenirs of your  struggling days. As you rise in life, you should never ever forget where you came from. Roots more of than not, are to be reminisced.


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