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Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Short on cash? With however much time you have in your day, try one or a few of these easy ways to make money. Some of these can even turn into a full time job if you’re successful.

·     Sell stuff on eBay and other similar websites. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There is no cost for putting a product up for sale, but the reward is more than you had. Put a product up for bid or for fast sale to earn a quick buck.

·     Blogging can certainly earn a few extra. Put some classifieds on your blog, as hosting ads on your blog or blogging website can surprisingly earn you a decent wage.

·     Moderate forums on any topic you choose. Company and creators of forums don’t have time to troll their site and delete the inappropriate comments and will usually pay someone else to do it for them. And the good news for you is there will always be a forum that needs moderating.

·     Researchers are always in need of subjects and often put their surveys up online for people to take. Find the ones that have enough support to pay the participants and take 10 or 15 minutes to fill out a survey.

·     Sharing files and photos. You’ll be surprised what files or photos people are looking for. Put your files up for sale online and share some photos. The more websites you put them up on, the better the return.

·     Become a writer, either freelance or for an online magazine. Ever wonder who writes the articles you read online? Many websites hire freelance writers and magazines and newspapers hire offsite writers in a similar fashion. Contact some website agencies, magazines and newspapers to see if they need extra writers. Also websites responsible for answering questions like eHow and Yahoo!Answers pay people to answer questions.

·     Create websites for smaller, local businesses who have yet to make a presence online. Smaller businesses may not have the space or money to hire full time but sometimes can offer some money for someone to create a simple website.

·     Interview someone and sell it. Companies often look for interesting pieces to put into publication but seldom have the time to interview people. Look to local newspapers and magazines to publish interviews about neighbours who are doing something interesting.

·     Online translation is a great way to earn some money for those of you who are bilingual. International websites and companies always need excerpts and documents translated, so offer your services online if you are lucky enough to speak more than one language.

These ideas are simple and fast ways to earn a little extra during the tighter months. Try a few, and you might discover how to maximize your monthly income on a regular basis.


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