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Tips to prevent teenage cervical cancer

Teenage is meant for studying, enjoyment, lots of masti and fun and frolic. No person in his or her teenage would want to live with fear of cervical cancer or any other life-threatening ailment. Though in recent years, large number of people in teenage have got badly affected with this dreaded disease. But fret not! Check out some preventive steps that can be taken right from teen age to lower the risk of getting affected by cervical cancer.
Quit smoking: To prevent teenage cervical cancer, one should quit smoking and tobacco based products. These substances increases the risk of cervical cancer many folds. Movies and media have undoubtedly glamorized smoking but one should not get tempted and get involved in such awful habits. The risks of getting involved into these habits are deadly. One should also stay away from passive smoking also as it also proves very dangerous for your health.
Sexual intercourse: Abstinence from sexual activity also lowers your chances of cervical cancer in a big way. The HPV (human papillomavirus) which gets transmitted through sexual intercourse eventually result into development of cervical cancer in teenagers. If you can’t abstain from sexual activity during your teenage, avoid involving with several partners or use condoms while doing sex. Various studies have confirmed that teenagers who have had STDs are likely to suffer from cervical cancer. In women, sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia increases the risk of getting affected by cervical cancer.
Family history: If any person in your family is affected with cervical cancer, then the chances of other members getting affected also increases many folds. In other words, the family history of cervical cancer increases the risk so it’s best to take steps to prevent it by talking to your doctor without any fear or hesitation.
Vaccinations: Gardasil is a vaccine that is quite helpful in preventing cervical cancer. Though this is not a fool proof method but it is found very effective in 70 percent of cases. This vaccine is only prescribed before female get involved sexually with others. It is important to note that this vaccine cannot prevent every type of HPV but is very effective against many others. So it’s wise to go in for this cervical cancer vaccination to save life from this life threatening disease.
Pap smear: It is the most effective way that helps in prevention and early diagnosis of cervical cancer. If teenage female cannot avoid sexual activity, she should certainly go in for annual Pap smear test. This test very effectually helps in detecting cervical cancer in initial stages only and once cervical cancer gets detected in early stage, the chances of survival of a teenager becomes high. Medications and alternate therapies together can play a big role by helping patient to lead a normal life.
Eat healthy food: If you are already affected with HPV virus, take special care of your daily diet. Enrich your diet with vitamin rich food items as they boost body’s immunity in a great way. Include food items rich in antioxidants as it helps greatly in preventing cervical cancer in teenagers.


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