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Course Title - History of Medieval India from 1000-1707 A.D. LPU Question Paper

Course Code:DHIS 102
Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                     Max. Marks:80

1. This paper contains 10 questions divided in two parts on 1 page.
2. Part A is compulsory.
3. In Part B (Questions 2 to 10), attempt any 6 questions out of 9. Attempt all parts of the selected question.
4. The Marks assigned to each question are shown at the end of each question in square brackets.
5. Answer all questions in serial order.
6. The student is required to attempt the question paper in English, Hindi or Punjabi medium.

Part A   (2x10) marks
Q1). (a) Who wrote Tuzuk I Jahangiri?
b) What do you understand b slave dynasty?
c) Who was Malik Kafur?
d) Name Mohammad Bin Tughlaq's second capital.
e) Name the 2 coins of Iltutmish.
f) Who was Ibn Batuta?
g)In which year second battle of  Tarain was fought?
h) Who started Din I Ilahi?
i) Who was Shivaji?
j) Who was the great economist of Medieval India?

Part B                    (6x10) marks
Q-2 Why Iltutmish is called the real founder of Delhi Sultanante?
Q-3 Write a note on Alauddin Khalji's economic reforms.
Q-4 Discuss the political condition of India on the eve of Muslim invasion.
Q-5 Throw light on the imaginary plannings of Mohammad Bin Tughlaq.
Q-6 Discuss in detail administration of Marathas.
Q-7 Write a detailed note on circumstances an consequences of first battle of Panipat
Q-8 Write a detailed note on Akbar's Din I Ilahi.
Q-9 Give description of Mohammad Ghori's Indian invasions.
Q-10 What were the reasons for the Rajput defeat at the hands of Turkish rulers?


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