History of Ancient India Upto 1000 A.D. LPU Question Paper

Course Code:DHIS 101
Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                     Max. Marks:80

1. This paper contains 10 questions divided in two parts on 1 page.
2. Part A is compulsory.
3. In Part B (Questions 2 to 10), attempt any 6 questions out of 9. Attempt all parts of the selected question.
4. The Marks assigned to each question are shown at the end of each question in square brackets.
5. Answer all questions in serial order.
6. The student is required to attempt the question paper in English, Hindi or Punjabi medium.

Part A   (2x10) marks
Q1. a) Write a short note on "Arthashastra".
b) Who was Chandragupta Maurya?
c) Who was Arya Bhatt?
d) Who is known as Napoleon of India and why?
e) Write any four principles of Buddhism.
f) Define Shaivism.
g) Write a short note on development of science during Gupta's period.
h) Write a short note on Great Bath.
i) Briefly discuss the position of women in ancient India.
j) Write a short note on religious life of later Vedic period.

                                                                       Part B                    (6x10) marks
Q2. Discuss in detail about various principles and philosphies of Jainism.
Q3. Gupta's period is known as golden age of Indian history. How? Justify.
Q4. Discuss in detail about battle of Kalinga and its impact over Ashoka.
Q5. Chanakya has a very special place in history of ancient India. Do you agree with it? Justify your answer with suitable arguements.
Q6. Define Mahajanpads. Discuss in detail about their political administration.
Q7. Describe in detail about social and economic life during later Vedic age.
Q8. Who were Aryams? Discuss various theories related to their origin.
Q9. Write a detailed note on socio-religious life during Indus Valley Civilization.
Q10. Describe in detail about various sources to understand history of ancient India.


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