Course Code:DPOL101
Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                     Max. Marks:80

1. This paper contains 10 questions divided in two parts on 1 page.
2. Part A is compulsory.
3. In Part B (Questions 2 to 10), attempt any 6 questions out of 9. Attempt all parts of the selected question.
4. The Marks assigned to each question are shown at the end of each question in square brackets.
5. Answer all questions in serial order.
6. The student is required to attempt the question paper in English, Hindi or Punjabi medium.

                                                                      Part A   (2x10) marks
Q.1 Attempt all the questions"
a) Write down any two characterstics of political theory.
b) What are different kinds of power according to Max Weber?
c) Define State.
d) Define Sovereignty according to Bodin.
e) What is the difference between Negative and Positive Liberty?
f) What do you mean by Equality?
g) What is the meaning of Social Justice?
h) What do you understand by Justice?
i) What do you mean my Welfare State?
j) Define Democracy.

Part B        (6x10) marks
Q.2 Define Political Theory. What are its uses?
Q3.What is Power? Discuss its various kinds.
Q4. Critically analyze the Social Contract theory of state.
Q5.What are features of Pluralistic Theory of Sovereignty?
Q-6 What do you mean by liberty and discuss its Types?
Q-7 Discuss various dimensions of equality.
Q8. Discuss Rawls Theory of Justice in detail.
Q9. Discuss the relationship between Market Economy and Welfare State.
Q10. What are C.B. Macpherson views on Democracy?


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