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How to choose best girl child name for your daughter?

 The newborn baby girl must be given unique girl child name to distinguish her from others. It is true that there is great deal of excitement amongst family members, aunts-uncles, friends, grandparents and well-wishers who all sit together and argue and agree upon different girl child name to give best name to their newborn family member.
It is true that we stumble upon as many names as there are stars in sky while searching for best girl child name. The girl’s child name depends upon family likings, trends of that present scenario and societal compulsions. Globalization has brought great mixing of cultures and thus orthodox society has now become liberal and accepting names from various corners of globe. Now-a-days, we can see names crossing boundaries of nations and making their home in unusual places.
So if you are also looking some unique girl child name? Here is a list. Write them down on slips of paper and jumble it up in jar and finally take your pick. There are names like pearl, Julia, Jordan, Sabrina, Emily, Sarah, Diamond, Nicole, Samantha, Amber, Jade, Jenna, Rebecca, Maria. If you are from India, you can choose names like Aashna, Ambar, Nikunj, Riya, Mannat, Naina, Aishwarya, Riddhi, Siya etc.  If the preference is for rivers, then you can name her Indu after the mighty Indus or Kaveri, Narmada or Ganga. These rivers belong to planet earth and are not the monopoly of any one nation.
Shakespeare laughs at the idea of giving unique baby girl’s name. According to him, “no matter what name you call a rose- a rose is a rose and will smell as sweet.”
But it is also true that by giving unique name to your baby, you hope to inculcate certain values in your baby which name carries- the value that will adhere to the person till its last breath.


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