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Honey up your diet

The hunt for a balanced nutritional diet is a fad these days. Each and every one of us, want to eat healthily but don’t know how? We can’t resist those ever delicious and oily and unhealthy food snacks. But we still want to somehow inculcate the discipline of healthy eating in ourselves. That’s the paradox in which we live in.

Add to this the environment we live in. We exhale copious amounts of dirt, smoke, sand, airborne chemicals, which all go inside our body and cause a lot of harm. They affect our immune system and cause harm to us. Then look at the food we eat. Almost all food grown today is heavily loaded with insecticides, fungicides, fertilizer and urea that stick with the crops. We are actually consuming all that chemical load.  It goes into our system and creates an imbalance of chemicals already in our body, which causes so many diseases and problems. How can we remedy this? How can we control all this?

It is difficult I agree, but not impossible. A healthy diet can go a long way with improving the nutritional value of our food, which in turn can help us combat this external consumption of chemicals. For you see, those maybe out of your control, but what you choose to eat is definitely under your control. We are consuming so much refined, over processed food that by the tie the food reaches our tummy, there is no nutrition left in it.  It's just an empty food, often laced with preservatives and more chemicals to last it longer.  That is not at all good news for our immune system.  We have to get rid of unhealthy eating habits.

A honey diet is one of the ways to get that right dietary balance. A high sugar diet can be harmful and can cause various ailments in the long run. It also interferes with your digestive system. A diet which has honey in it can help you in a good way.  It has the advantage of being natural. It doesn't require a truckload of fertilizer or chemicals to boost production of honey. It is produced in the most natural way possible. Which in turn is good for us. Also, it has a soothing effect. You take honey as it is, sore throatjust a spoon full of it, you will realize what a soothing effect it has on you.

It has its medicinal effects too. Today, we all are battling one ailment after another, honey is a natural medicine that can cure aa sore throatand prevent certain illnesses. Top that up with the multitude of creative ways you can use your honey in your day to day cooking. From tea, to smoothies to desserts, you can even use honey in your main course.

So honey up your diet for that nutritional zing in your food.


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