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Blogger Interview - 10 Rachit Singh

In a very young age, through grit and determination, Rachit is making a mark in the blogging field. I really admire his focus on content marketing and how easily he has adopted best practices for promoting content. 

Some words about your blog

Well, I own multiple blogs. I will talk about one that I started with, Hacknovations. Where I share tips and tricks about being a smart blogger, and growing a blog into a revenue stream. I started it back in 2015, it grew dramatically but then, due to some problems, I wasn't able to take care of it, so decreased gradually. Now, I am working again on it, hoping that it will grow back soon. Other of my blogs are doing fine though. 

What do you think sets your site apart from others?

Passion. I have seen a lot of blogs coming and vanishing. I have talked with bloggers and I know that most of the bloggers are pushed into blogosphere to make money not to blog. I am not pulled by money, which is clear from the fact that I don't fake myself or my opinions. If I feel something is bad, I'll just say it. I am passionate about internet marketing. For a long time, I blogged without any return income coming towards me. 

One more thing that sets me apart from other blogs is that I focus more on connecting with my readers than networking with industry experts. I do network, but only if I feel a genuine need of connecting with that people. Like many bloggers, I don't fake being professional and network for only getting in the limelight

A defining moment of your blogging life

The moment that turned me into blogger was when I was not going school. I was suspended, and at that time there was no friend circle for me. So, all day long, I sat in front of my computer, making .html pages, writing stories and doing random stuff. This was time when I discovered that I love this stuff. I was not getting revenue out of it, neither I wanted to, but I still loved doing it. So, I started a blog after some research. This was the time that pushed me into blogging and I continue to do it. Things, however, have changed now. Now, I am a marketer who happens to blog. 

What is the future of blogging?

The scenario of blogging is changing dramatically and it is booming. In near future, people will turn from traditional media to the internet for reading news. Which means more companies will turn towards the Internet and create more jobs here. But at the same time, Google, as a search engine is evolving. It is getting very smart every day. With updates like Fred, and Knowledge graph, it will soon create a powerful AI that will mock down a lot of sites and at the same time, make it very easy for users to search.

Any message you want to give to the readers of this blog?

My message is, if you are blogging, don't do it for money. It is not only for money, it goes for everything. If you are into blogging for money, soon enough, someone will take over. Do it for the fun of it and money will come on its own. Also, don't quit. If you are dedicated and consistent, you will succeed. Maybe not overnight, but you definitely will.
Do you feel that Indian bloggers are aware enough about the importance of content marketing?

Indian blogosphere is huge, it would be wrong to judge everyone in one answer. There are bloggers who understand the worth of content marketing, but then there are bloggers that don't want to pay for content or don't focus much on content. A huge part of Indian blogosphere is 16-18-year-olds or people who are just trying their luck to make money from blogging. They don't understand how powerful content marketing is. They'd love to make $1000 a month but they won't like to spend $20 on content part. In the same sphere, are some people that invest on content marketing. But still, Indian bloggers don't understand content marketing as much as outsiders do.

Is there any incident in your like where someone told you that you couldn't write?

No. I have always been the storyteller of my group. Passionate about writing since an early age. People used to circle me when I started telling a story or incident. When I started writing, I wrote in the same way that I'd speak and it worked. But people did appreciate my writing. There were criticisms, but I took them in a positive way and fixed them as quick as I could. As a writer, I have evolved dramatically since the start of my career.

If a blogger had to choose between SEO and SMO, what would be your advice?

I'd say SEO. SMO can give you lot of popularity and make you an influencer in short time. SEO takes time, but once you do it right, it can literally open floodgates to your blogs. 

"You are portrayed as cheerful, and at serious at the same time. How does this happen ?"

Unlike many other bloggers, I don't fake professionalism. When I am cheerful, I am cheerful from inside too.  If I am serious, I am serious from inside. When you don't fake how you are, people do take you as it is if you are good enough. I see that a lot of bloggers fake professionalism, there is a huge difference in what they are and what they potray. For me, that difference is almost none. That's all!


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