C as in Customer Retention #AtoZChallenge

I talked about AtoZChallenge and Blogger in my previous posts and this one is as the letter series goes is for the letter C. C as in Customer retention. First, let me explain what do I mean as a customer here. A customer can be a client, a consumer of your services or your target audience. 

Customer acquisition is not that hard these days especially with all those social media tools and easy to set up advertising. 

What is difficult is retention. Especially with attention times which are only getting less by each passing day. How do you make sure that stickiness is maintained for your regular consumers when the competition has a red carpet rolled out for them. 

  • Stay updated with your analytics. It is not just a fancy tool but something very meaningful to guide you as to where your audience is moving towards.
  • Talk to your audience. They should feel that connect we have in a normal conversation.
  • Follow industry trends. Whichever field you have chosen for yourself follow its trends. No one likes a primial obsolete monster. Stay up to date and your audience will reward for it. Read books, periodicals, watch videos.
  • Keep innovating. Whip up something which people love. And dont mind if you couldn't put up something new. The sheer effort should be able to inspire people.
Anything I missed for customer retention? Do jot down in the comment section below.


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