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Deep Cleaning Service by Broomberg

Recently, I suggested benefits of deep cleaning of the house done to family members who gave me a skeptical response we give when we are not aware of something. Then came the offer from Broomerberg, whether I would like to get my house deep cleaned and I said yes. 


I had a word with the team over the phone itself. Somehow I am not into those App booking things. Calling someone and discussing things before booking gives me better comfort and confidence. I liked the way these guys talked. I got a call to confirm address, then an SMS to confirm the booking and address. A day prior to the booking, someone from Broomberg called me to advise that the team will reach on time in the morning and that I should expect them to work for around eight hours straight. I confirmed the address and time again to apprise my family members of a crew coming to clean the house.

Punctuality and Timing

I must say, one has to commend the crew of Broomberg for their respect of time. They had given 10.30 a.m. as the time of their arrival and they were exactly on time. They said they would need eight hours approx to clean the house and by 6, 6.30 they were done.

Discipline & Professional

The four guys who came to our house were well disciplined and very professional. They knew what they were doing and wasted no time to get things done. They went about their work in a professional no nonsense way which is a huge relief amidst the chaos of moving things around for cleaning.

The Goods

A major plus. They get everything they need from their own place. Ladders, vacuum cleaners, mops and even buckets are packed into a van and brought by them. This made things so easy for us as they had everything they required to make the place spotless. They even got an array of cleaning agents and liquids to give that extra spark and shine to appliances, floors, and electrical.

Divison of Labor

As the guys set to work, it was clear that they had a methodology in mind and a set process to follow. Each one picked up one room each and began his work as per set priority. 

Kitchen is one area where I was concerned the most. This is the area in our homes which has the highest potential for cleaning because of grime dust and continuous activity. The team not only cleaned the kitchen cabinets but also the counter tops. All the appliances in the kitchen from the oven to refrigerator were scrubbed and cleaned using cleaning agents the team had brought with them. The results as I mentioned before were good and quite visible. 

One of the cleaning crew members, straightaway started with the bathroom, realizing that this place needs due attention. The guy used disinfectants and solutions to scrub the floors and tiles. I liked the fact they took care of smallest details like cleaning a switch, which other wise might have gone unnoticed. 

Vacuum Cleaning

Try as much as you may but proper dry cleaning might not happen by self. One of our rooms has a carpeted floor and it was to be cleaned thoroughly. The crew got their own vacuum cleaner and worked it not only the carpet but also on the sofas.

The Feedback

It was a good gesture on the part of Ankit from Broomberg to give a courtesy call the next day. He called in to inquire about feedback on the team. Thumbs up from my side for the team at Broomberg and would recommend periodic deep cleaning to everyone.


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