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Guru Randhawa steps up to Bollywood

The weather has delayed some of the participants of a meet up where famed Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa was supposed to discuss his Bollywood debut. Yet, as he entered with his entourage into the room, his first question was whether we are starting on time or not. Dressed all in black, with matching glares, Guru didn't give any inkling or air about the star he is.

As the evening progressed, Guru discussed a range of topics major being his cult song, Suit, which is being adapted for an upcoming movie, Hindi Medium starring Irfan Khan. He passionately discusses why content to him is very important. He writes the lyrics of his songs himself to get those right words into his songs. When he tells the audience that he is looking forward to Hindi movies because of larger reach he does not sound very ambitious, instead very humble and grounded.

Inspiration for Suit

Opening up to the son Suit, Guru elaborates that he as inspired to write the song, while at an event in California, United States. It was a gathering of Punjabis from across the state and he came across a lot of pretty girls in traditional suits.

Growing up in front of television

He candidly talked about his growing up years in Gurdaspur district of Punjab and how television especially Doordarshan and PTV influenced his decision to become an artist. In border areas in the 90s, and even in my hometown we used to get Pakistan TV or PTV on our TV as the antennas installed for Doordarshan caught their signals as well.

It is perhaps TV or the kind of content that he grew up on, that makes him so focused on content. He is very vocal about this. According to him, if the content, the words in his songs don't make sense than the essence of his songs will get lost. He is also a champion of the indie or independent music scene wherein he believes that indie music would remain his staple. From Bollywood, he might be expecting to reach a wider audience, but his loyalty to his home audience still remains.

Love for Dal Roti

His simplicity was evident in his choice of food as well. When asked the proverbial question you ask anyone from Punjab about the kind of food they indulge in. 'Dal Roti' is his quick reply. When someone quipped about Saag Makki ki Roti, he was quick to point that it was not easy to cook Saag and Makki ki roti. It takes a significant amount of time and resources and it is not a daily meal for Punjabis.

Future Plans

He also disclosed his future plans, majorly being a Punjabi movie in which he would be debuting as the lead hero. Apart from penning the lyrics and making fresh songs, looks like Guru has his plate full.

(In this pic: At the time of that mandatory 'selfie' we were discussing Punjab and our backgrounds. He comes from the Majha belt of Punjab whereas I am from the Malwa region of the state)

Here is wishing Guru Randhawa all the best for his stint in Bollywood for Punjab and independent musicians need people like him to represent them at a larger stage. He is surely an inspiration for so many indie artists out there. 


The author had gone to the event on invitation. If you wish to send out an invite for events,  Drop in a mail at Orangy.In@Gmail[dot]Com


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