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Inauguration of Decathlon at Tagore Garden, Delhi

Decathlon, World's largest sporting goods retailer, has come up with their new store at Pacific Mall, Delhi and I went to see the sprawling store myself on the 15th of April.

Abhishek, manager at the store was kind enough for a quick chat in between the usual bustle of customers crowding the just-opened store. He quipped,

‘Though Decathalon caters to over 100 sports under one roof, this launch event will showcase, a lot more that can happen with sports. The basic motive of the event is to share a wow experience with the visitors making sports accessible to all. The grand opening of Decathlon, Tagore Garden is certainly an event which every sports fanatic should catch up on.’ 

The store has a neat division of sporting goods, on the lines of a particular sport. Suppose you are interested in Badminton, then head to the section for Badminton goods, similarly for any other sports look for that section. The variety is amazing and I am sure they cover almost everything one needs to passionately play a game.

Whilst we are at it, I got some good bargains for t-shirts to wear to the gym or for running. I purchased a bunch of them for myself and family. They even had a scheme wherein in first 1000 buyers, making a purchase of more than 1000 bucks would get this very cute backpack. Alas, my bill ran short of 1000 and I missed out on the bag.

Total size of this store - 1260 Square Meter

The tally of Decathlon stores in India - 47 (Including 2 in Gurgaon and 1 in Ludhiana which I have also frequented).

Nearest Metro Station - Tagore Garden and Subhash Nagar Metro Stations


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