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Blogger Interview - 11 Preeti Chauhan

Sin-Ply Pretty is quite an interesting name for a blog. (It can work as a tongue twister too, try repeating it several times). The blog is quite a hit on the blogosphere with a wide coverage on lifestyle, travel, food and fashion. Preeti has created this blog and has developed into a destination for interesting reads and reviews. Apart from the content, I also like the design and layout of the blog which is simple and smart.  I will link her blog URL, for you to check her blog.
Tell us something about you and your site?

I am a Homoeopathic consultant by profession and have been blogging since April 2014 at my blog “Sin-ply Pretty ” which is a lifestyle blog but that just about covers a lot of things from social issues to product reviews or anything which I feel like sharing with my readers.


Your blogging story 

Blogging started as an escape from my routine. Clinical practice can become monotonous and sometimes does not leave much time and energy for anything else but blogging gave me the freedom and flexibility to break the monotony and connect with others without leaving the confines of my habitat.

Describe a positive and a negative change blogging brought into your life.

Through blogging, I was able to explore outwardly and inwardly both.Inwardly, one tends to get in touch with your own thoughts and feelings, things you may never have stopped to think about in the rigmarole of life.That I think was positive, it gave me a lot of perspective about my own life and goals.Outwardly, I traveled a lot and connected with interesting people and discovered some interesting blogs too in the process.
So blogging was a journey of self-discovery for me.
On the negative side, I started blogging as a hobby but sometimes it can be exhausting and demanding too.

Do you feel that you continue to grow in your writing the longer you write?

Yes, I feel your growth as a person and your life experiences all add to enriching the quality of your blogging.

There is a lot of debate about niche blogging vs. general blogging. Do you think bloggers should stick to a particular niche? Does that help?

If you go through my blog you will see it has a mix of many topics partially because I feel  I have yet to find my niche and also because as a person I feel burned out writing about only one subject.
I agree that having a niche may not only help the blogger but also the discerning reader.Professional blogs or technical blogs should cater strictly to that field only.So when I have a blog on homeopathy I would prefer it to be only about homeopathic healing.

Having said this I also feel that being a reader I myself have varied areas of interest from fashion to organic gardening and if can read about them all under one blog, I see no harm incurred.
A neat classification or having different blogs on a single website may help too.

Is there one observation or post that has gotten the most powerful reaction from people?

I once wrote a post about friendship " Best Friends Forever " which got a lot of emotional response from my readers.I think deep down we all want that one friend we can always rely on.

What is your favorite book and why?

Classics always appealed to me and somehow “Little Women “by Louisa May Alcott has stayed with me probably because I first read it at an age which helped me identify with the characters of the book closely.

Your favorite 3 blogs

I keep reading a lot of blogs sporadically but few have been my favorite which makes me go back to them again and again. In no order of preference:

1.  - By Vikram Karve for his  zest and humor
2.  - A blog that deals with spirituality and life
3.  - I find the author Ms. Rizwana to be informed and also responsive to the queries of her readers, in fact, she helped me revive my dying jasmine plant!

A message you want to give to the readers of this blog?

To all the readers of this blog,’’ Never think it is too late for anything in life , try your best , it is always better to have tried and failed  rather than regret not taking the plunge later.”

I wish all the best to you and your readers!


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