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The Clock Tower - Golf Course Road Gurgaon/Gurugram

The Clock Tower is located on the Golf Course Road, just right opposite IBIS Hotel like a gem, almost hidden from plain sight. To reach The Clock Tower you have to take turn the left after the Faridabad turn (the one opposite Horizon Drive). This place is nestled in between the posh DLF residences.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the place was a long drive and parking space. I mean, how many times we get comfortable parking space to park our vehicles?

As you walk up to this eatery set in a stand along the building, it looks like you are entering a medieval European tower, complete with high ceilings, glass lights and heavy usage of wood and stone. The architecture just takes you to another time.

Being a stand-alone building, the property has featured multiple outdoor seating options including one on the terrace which should be terrific during good weather. Unfortunately, when I visited the place, it was quite hot to sit outside and gaze through the Gurgaon skyline. So we sat inside in a wonderful ambiance and comfortable lounge seating.

We went for aa group get together to try out the place. In starters, we had Chicken Satay, Double fried Pork, Chicken 65 and Barbeque Chicken Pizza. Chicken 65 and Pork were something I enjoyed with my Beer. The Pizza was okay and the Satay was neat and tasty but not that extraordinary as Chicken 65. My recommendation, don't miss the Chicken 65 and if you like Pork, go the Double fried pork too.


The veggies amongst us ordered Dahi ke Kebabs, Jalapeno Poppers, Spinach Pizza and Spring Rolls. You can easily avoid the Spring Rolls, as you have much better options like the Poppers which were very tasty. The Dahi ke Kebabs had nuts and dry fruits and were cooked just perfect. As for the pizza, I liked the Spinach idea but then the chicken always tastes better to me so I would recommend the barbecue chicken Pizza. 

Main Course

Grilled Fish was yum and so was the Chicken Stroganoff (served with rice). I liked the Noodles but avoided the Thai Curry and Rice enjoyed by friends. They, however, liked the combo. I think the grilled fish was very well grilled and presented with butter. Made my day that one.


The place has a brewery so a Beer is a must have. I tried the Beer Shikanji which was a nice twist to our good old Beer. Maverick is a rum based drink and is okayish and then they have this dark Beer which is the best of all. It has the bitterness of coffee embedded into it which gives the Beer a distinct taste.


In desserts, we had a slice each of chocolate cake and brownie with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was good if I had to compare the chocolate cake was way better than the brownie but I have had better cake than this.  Also, if served with ice cream, it is always better to heat up the cake or brownie a bit for that extra taste. This was missing. 

The Clock Tower is a nice place for long pending catch ups and group get togethers. It provides the right setting and great food and drinks.

Nearest Metro Station - Rapid Metro Station is right outside this place
Landmark - Direct opposite to Hotel Ibis next to DLF Phase 5 residences

The Clock Tower Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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