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5 reasons why a trekking trip to Mt. Everest is a must on your bucket list

All of us have a bucket list. A list of things we really want to do in life. For some it is sailing a boat, for some, it is winning a reality show. For others, it could be a desert safari or a jungle expedition.  There is no limit to how many items we can include in our bucket list. While mountaineering and trekking are part of many people’s bucket list, not many include trekking to Mt. Everest as something that they would do once in life.

At the peak of the World - You are going to the World’s highest mountain. That’s a reason itself to conquer the height and the thrill of being at such a summit is a reason in itself.

A sense of achievement – How many of us live in this perpetual under confidence that we have not achieved something substantial in life? Well, just deciding to take the plunge to go the Everest is an achievement in itself. It shows your mettle to your inner self.

Meet the Sherpas – Even Edmund Hillary could not have done it without these great people of the hills. Sherpas are natives of the region and very friendly people. Immerse yourself in their simple and calm culture and feel the harshness of city life melt away from you.

 Visit the local landmarks – The local landmarks are places to visit in themselves.  The Tengboche and Thami monasteries may feel isolated but are a great spiritual experience in themselves.  There is also a school nearby in the Khumjung village which was established by Sir Edmund Hillary.

You are in Nepal – Nepal is a beautiful country with loads of options for tourists and adventure seekers. A visit to Mt. Everest gives you the option to explore the beautiful environs of Nepal and its most important places.

There are several other reasons to visit the Mt. Everest apart from the sheer thrill of being 16,000 feet above the sea level. It is an experience which can change your life and bring positivity into it.  It is a tough trek, no doubt but the reward is great too. Enjoy the bliss and comfort of the Himalayas and feel at peace with your inner self.


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