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Wrangler Flags off the True Wanderers from Delhi

Wrangler, the American denim brand, is back with its nationwide search for the True Wanderer. After five successful seasons, True Wanderer comes to you in a brand-new avatar – bigger, bolder and more exciting than ever before. And this time, no matter what your ride, everyone’s invited.

After five successful seasons of True Wanderer, Wrangler is calling on all adventure and travel enthusiasts. Wrangler has concluded its nationwide search for the top 25 True Wanderers and is sponsoring their trip in India. Kitted out in the best of Wrangler’s Ride Ready range of apparel and flagged off from an exclusive Wrangler store in their city, the True Wanderer finalists will go on a 5-day road trip wearing only products by Wrangler. They can choose to travel by car, bike, foot or any mode of transportation of their choice. While on their journey, they will need to complete travel-related challenges set by Wrangler. Each rider will complete and showcase these challenges in their Wander Diary on along with photos and videos.

The Delhi finalists - Rajat Patranabish, Mayank Sagar, Prerna Malhan and Ankit Lamba from Faridabad were flagged off from an exclusive Wrangler store in the city. When speaking of his passion for travel, Rajat Patranabish says, “I live truly when I ride, for it is then that I perfectly embrace the experience of exhilaration and tranquility for spiritual catharsis! I love nature and movement, so when I tour, I surrender myself to the impassioned menagerie of nature, the bike, and the road beckons!"
When asked to share his #Live2Wander moment, Mayank Sagar says “It goes back in time when a little kid used to ride with his father on his bike. From causal weekend rides to taking people for biking expeditions all over the Himalayas is my story flourished. Back in 2009 when I had gone to my first bike trip I had no idea that I will ride this FAR.”
Further, sharing her #Live2Wander moment Prerna Malhan saysWhen I travel, everything feels so good, the world seems better. Meeting different people. Discovering new places and savoring local delicacies – PERFECT! Life is too short to bother about what others think, so rather than accumulating materialistic possessions, I believe in accumulating memories.”

Where as Ankit Lamba from Faridabad says that “My motorcycle is not just who I am. Never thought I would be so passionate about motorcycle and now it’s a passion now, simple moto of life is to travel as much as I can and to live wanderer life.”
Based on votes and the scores of an elite judging panel, the winner of True Wanderer 2017 will win the grand prize of an all-expenses-paid trip to Australia. The runners-up will win trips to Bali and Sikkim.

About Wrangler
The heritage of Wrangler goes back literally 70 years when the brand first made an appearance. Wrangler was the first modern five-pocket jeans to be test-fitted and endorsed by real-life cowboys. Since then, Wrangler continues to inspire freedom, independence, and self-reliance in its wearers.
The brand in India has come a long way, evolving to meet the needs of the ‘urban cowboy’ with a range of fashion apparel that is contemporary, fashionable yet rugged. 

A part of VF Corporation - the world's largest apparel company, Wrangler has found a loyal consumer base in the Indian youth that swears by this unique fashion brand. This stylish denim brand is available at exclusive standalone stores, leading apparel stores and major department stores.


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