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Write & Publish your first book | Workshop

1 Day workshop by The Cycle Boy on, Write & Publish your first book by Tushar Mangl, author of Hey Honey Bunch, Avenging Act & The Thakur Boy.

11th June 2017

Timings: 12 Noon onwards

Ticket: Rs.250/-

What you will learn:
- How to write your first novel (the story formula, characters, plot, theme, narrative style and personal discipline)
- Publish your novel (self-publishing vs. vanity publishing vs. traditional publishing)
- Amazon Publishings for self-publishers (E-Books).
- How to market your first novel
- Get your work critiqued by the Mentor - Participants can bring in the few pages of their book/short story.

What can you do by end of workshop?
- Write your first novel/book.
- Publish your novel/book/ebook.
- Market your novel/book to the niche audiences.

Who should attend?
- Housewives.
- School and College Level students.
- People looking out to write book/novel.
- Beginners looking for guidance.
- Working professional and well as job seekers.
- People who want explore this field of literature.
- Anyone looking for a good field to explore (All ages).

After Workshop:
- Q and A Session.
- Guidance on further steps.
- You can buy an E-book (Contact the organiser)

About Tushar Mangl:
A Public Speaker, Trainer and an Author of the e-books - Hey Honey Bunch, Avenging Act & The Thakur Boy.

Please Note:
- Special arrangements can be made to aged people upon request based on availability.
- Refreshments would be there at the venue.
- The workshop is confined to Limited Seats only, first come first serve basis.
- Feel free to call 9213350150 or mail at at any time if you have any doubts or queries.


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