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Ministry of Beer - Connaught Place - Delhi

After a long day at work, stepping into Ministry of Beer is like entering a different land altogether. The C.P. one is located on the outer circle (M Block) and occupies like 4 levels having different seating plans.

When I visited the place, the Sushi, Dimsums and Beer festival was on and its a great festival. The Chefs of the place had lined up some great sushi dishes with an array of dimsums. Accompanying them was the Beer, (Bira Brand, 3 Pints). All this for Rs. 1099 only. And yes you get a dessert too.

They have set up their own microbrewery, and I wish it starts soon. I hear that permissions have delayed its operations which is kind of sad. In Ludhiana, we got a microbrewery place years ago.  And Delhi is still not able to cope up with the fact that Microbreweries are popular and in demand.

Coming back to the Sushis. It is a rare place, especially in NCR which serves excellent Sushi especially a stand alone place. They have a variety of options for Sushi but Salmon Sigri is the best of the lot.

In Dimsums, they have an exotic vegetable dim sum variation which is yum. I also tried the Chicken Kothe dim sum, which I would definitely recommend.

Done with the amazing Sushis and Dim Sums, we ordered the traditional Chicken dishes although Chicken Afghani was not that good, the Chicken Tikka was awesomely prepared. It had the right mix of spices and marinated quite well before preparation.

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Unknown said…
With so many amazing pictures, seems you had an amazing time!!
samjain06 said…
I would surely recommend this place.. this is an amazing place with some delicious food.

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