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Frenzy Adventure Zone - Sector 68 Gurgaon


The weather was perfect for an outdoor activity, last Sunday but question was, where to go out and enjoy the outdoors? I took a friend's suggestion and went to visit the awesome new place right on the main Sohna Road, Frenzy adventure which has a tagline 'Treasure Zone for Adventure Seekers'. I think it is quite apt as they offer real adventure. Also liked the staff who went beyond their job descriptions to root for the adventure seekers and gladly handling our cameras to click some awesome pictures and videos. There was even one incidence, where the staff member, advised me that he will take pics but a video would be better so he will shoot one too. They were friendly and gave a sense of security and warmth to all participants.


One of the most thrilling experiences in the park. You begin a zip through the journey from 45 ft above the ground and cover over 225 ft distance, letting your heart out and feeling the environs from the height.

Bungee Run

The perfect warm-up exercise. You got to run against the bungee cord, but it keeps pulling you back. Moreover, you are racing with your friends and it gives you an adrenaline rush as you take up the challenge.

Obstacles rope course

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The team has designed a mini adventure zone with wall climbing (wall of ropes), Mowgli walk, Burma bridge, rope tunnel, and tire crossing. I am told an expert can accomplish the entire set in two minutes. I tried, but it took me more than fifteen minutes. Especially the catwalk in the air is a tough job.

Other activities

Wall Climbing
Dirt Remote Cards
Rocket Ejector

Sky Cycling - The first such activity in North India. The wrap you with the harness, hop you on a bicycle, and you have to cycle 25 feet above the ground for 225 feet approx. It's a wow feeling!

Food Truck

On the premises itself, there is a food truck, where one can a range of snacks and munchies, in case hunger calls in between the activities.

Corporate Programs

Moving around the vast expanse of the park (It's like about an acre lot) the team informed me that they already had done some corporate events and are getting a good response for bulk bookings. I agree, that the Adventure concept which they have is quite well suited for groups. Not too far from Central Gurgaon, easy to locate and the best thrills with good food, makes up for a good offer.

School Programs

The management told me that they had especially worked on safe and fun programs for school kids. I a no expert in those rides but they did look all great especially the indoor gaming zone.

Check out their website at


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