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Olive Bistro - Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Olive Bistro at Cyber Hub in Gurgaon has been serving top-notch Italian food for long. It has plenty of space at the corner of the Amphitheatre side, right on the first floor. The ambiance is perfect with an option of spacious outdoor as well as indoor seating.

The staff and service is par excellence. I even met chef Jeevan who manages the kitchen and ensures quality and tasty food. Especially the desserts. I think desserts are the chief highlights of their menu.

The Godfather is their signature dish which comes in a cool looking pet jar which holds one of the best Italian Tiramisu's you would have had.

Mr. Chocolatius is the thing for all chocolate lovers, this is a chocolate fondant with a rich fudge as a center and comes with a scoop of ice cream. The dash of blueberry sauce just adds to the rich flavor.

The sizzlers are new addition to the menu and frankly they do not live up to the lofty expectations. The other items on the menu are still way better than the sizzlers.  Take for example the Risotto (Shrooms gone with Wild) mushrooms or the Charmoula which are delight to eat. And for fish lovers, Catch if you can is one item on the menu, certain to please your taste buds. Their breads are fresh and great to eat. 

A great Bistro experience becomes better with the bar, from where I got a glass of awesome Sangria. 
Go for this place, if you like classic Meditteranean or Italian flavors in very comfortable settings. 

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