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Tuesday Musings - End of another year

I know I haven't been writing too often and 2017 was just a dull year on the writing front. I finished with Hey Honey Bunch last year this time, and haven't written anything exciting ever since.  The year is passing by and it's almost over. 

It has been a good year as far as workshops which I have conducted, which have been quite well received and I have met many warm people in due course and I swear, when they write back to show their new blogs or any positive feedback, it softens my heart and touches my mind too. Now that I want to focus back on my writings, I might cut down on the workshops. Let's see where the path leads to.

On the personal front, like I wrote above, met loads of new and awesome people this year, especially over workshops and due socializing. We introverts are a sad minority which no one wants to acknowledge or accept. It is like you are afflicted with a disease and everyone should feel sorry for it. Still, to go out and come across some great people is a nice thing. I met someone recently who turned out to be such a nice person and offered to read my stories. I showed the person, Hey Honey Bunch and got such an honest and detailed feedback, that just shook me off. It feels good you know when you come across a person who understands your story as well as you yourself do. Or even better. 

But on the other hand, as the circle of life goes on, people leave our lives too. So many loved ones have traveled a far distance only to affirm that nothing is permanent in life. It's what people come in your life for. To go away one day. 

Back on the writing front. It seems like a new story is finally on its way. And the first draft should be circulated very soon. I have also lined quite a few more plots, stories, which are beckoning me. The characters shouting at me, to bring them to life, as if my procrastination would be a great sin for their stories. So I got to hurry up, pull my socks and tap away the keyboard over time to churn these stories out. 

Awaiting your feedback.


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