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Vapor Bar Exchange - Golf Course Road Gurgaon

What better welcome can you expect from a World class microbrewery and pub than a free basement parking in otherwise congested Gurgaon? Vapour Bar Exchange at Global Foyer Mall offers free parking to its patrons. The place is all decked up in a wood theme and with double height, ceilings send out positive vibes. The excellent music just adds on to the taste.

I went to this place to meet a friend over drinks and we were really impressed with the quality of service. The staff is quick on their feet and humble with their recommendations.

Vapor has a great bar with its own microbrewery where they brew with ingredients specifically imported from Germany. Take the example of the renowned Weyermann Malts which are imported for that special brew and adds well to the quality of Beer here.For other drinks, they have this uber cool app to show you a bar exchange where rates of drinks keep fluctuating basis of a demand, bid mechanism.

What we tried -

Nuts & Beans Masala - Your convention peanut salad comes in four tiny barrels, two of them filled with beans and chickpeas.
BBQ Stuffed Chicken - These are chicken pieces rolled up and filled with jalapenos. Topped with tangy BBQ sauce they taste yum.
Tandoori Non-Veg Platter - It had fish tikka, Malai Chicken Tikka and a very well prepared little spicy tandoor chicken tikka along with mutton seekh kebabs. Perfect appetizer for the start the meal.
Whisky Butter Chicken & Dal Makhani with Malabari Parantha - The Dal Makhani is something to die for. The Butter Chicken promised a hint of whiskey which didn't happen. But the chicken was very good. Perfectly grilled and the gravy extremely tasty. The Malabar Parantha was big and heavy.

The dessert collection is amazing with Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Mud Pie being a must try.

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