You will Love Again - Dr Shyam Bhat - Book Review

This one is a guidebook for people dealing with heartbreak. Dr. Shyam Bhat explores this seemingly significant issue effecting mental health of so many around us. While we keep giving or receiving random gyan on the subject, Dr. Bhat brings in professional expertise and years of experience as a practicing psychiatrist to answer some important questions about heartbreak.

It is a short and precise book, 147 pages in all but the subject matter is well explained and the addition of stories and anecdotes does help. The book has been published by Juggernaut. Its not just for those who are dealing with a heartbreak. Its also helpful for those whose closed ones are dealing with one. It gives us a level of wisdom and understanding to realize what the other person is going through.

Price - 250
Genre - Self Help/Non-Fiction


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