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Why you should use Instagram for social media marketing: The real reason

You might or should ask for suggestions from digital marketers about the most preferable option for social media marketing. Undoubtedly most of them will make their call for Instagram. Within just 8 years, Instagram has become one of the fastest billion-dollar company and is still growing at a very high speed, per day! But here’s an obvious question, ‘Why?’. Why Instagram marketing is so much of a hype?

 A brief reply to this question is that Instagram has reduced the ‘urge’ of a common man who previously wondered most of the time about celebrities; what they eat, what they wear, and other questions related to their lifestyles. Let me make this clearer by considering a case-

 You are a big fan of Dwayne Johnson, wondering whole day about him but unfortunately, unable to visualize him and his lifestyle except some movies and interviews. But all the things get fully changed after the birth of Instagram. You can now follow Dwayne, visualize him and even express your views on his every view.

 Watch the whole scenario from a perspective.  Instagram somehow deals with one of the most important factors of a person’s life, i.e., emotions. No other social media platform has been able to trigger this much amount of emotions in a user’s experience. It amplifies the desire of a common man to live a similar lifestyle as that of his idol. You can imagine the height of marketing when emotions get mixed with it. Companies which are willing or promise to increase the living standards of people are building their brand day by day.

Instagram also gives rise to a whole new and unique method of advertisement which allows you to reach more people within a limited budget. There are so many people who are not celebrities or any famous personalities still they are quite popular on Instagram by having a good number of followers. Research some of these popular people, look how much their posts are like your business niche or other important advertisement factors and at last offer them your product’s sponsorship. You might hesitate to adopt this method but with researched planning, you will be able to reach more people at a very low price as compared to professional methods. Most of the businesses (including MNC’s) around the world are practicing this method successfully, ultimately generating more sales.
At the end of 2018, Instagram has crossed the number of 1 billion active users and the predicted news says that it will soon overtake Facebook. It contains a perfect amount of emotions and easy user interface.

Apparently, you might have got the main reason as to why you should use Instagram for social media marketing!


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