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A visit to the Kairali Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

It is a windy day, with plenty of clouds and no sun. I make my way to the Kairali Ayurvedic Centre located just a few kilometers away from the Huda City Centre Metro Station in Gurugram. 

The Kerala Ayurvedic treatment system is now infamous around the globe. Thousands of tourists throng the God's own Country for treatment to various ailments based on the time tested tenants of Ayurveda. That it is nature-based and has a very slight chance of backfiring in the form of side effects (like allopathy) is a plus.

Kairali Ayurvedic Centre, in its present form, founded way back in 1989 and offered authentic Keralite therapies here in Delhi NCR. As one of the staff members told me, many people can't afford to take out time or spend resources to go all the way to Kerala for a week-long ( or more) therapies. Hence, the group is providing localized, day-long treatments for its patrons.

Suits well for me, like Kerala, for me, is far, and a nearby location sounds much better. At the center, the first thing you notice is wooden swings inspired seating area with an array of products lined up for sale near the reception. 

I have an appointment, and the person in charge is courteous and waiting. I ask her about the products for sale, and she tells me that Kairali manufactures and sells a host of Ayurvedic soaps, cosmetics, and other wellness products. 

Abhyangam is the name of the massage therapy, which has been suggested to me. At INR 2500 for a 50-minute massage, it sounds a little expensive, but it was worth the experience.
This massage therapy helps stimulate your senses and relieves stress. It also helps with pain management, as many of our routine aches are due to lifestyle-related issues. They also have many other therapies, in various customisation, to choose from. 

The secret, however, lies with the medicated oils they use. What differentiates a Kerala Ayurvedic and other Massage therapies is the oil. They use special herbs and have their own secret recipes (like KFC & Coca Cola), which are ancient and in use for centuries now. This gives me some confidence as I enter the room to see a  large wooden bed (called a Droni) where I am to lie down for the next 40 minutes.

Two masseurs awaited me and had they were not wearing a Kairali logo, Kurta; you would have assumed them to be bouncers at a Club. They are tall, and they are huge, like wrestlers. But very self spoken and helpful.
During the therapy, they kept asking if the pressure was okay if I needed them to go slow, etc. We even chatted a bit, and these guys were just great.

I am not exaggerating when I say that after I came out, the body did feel light. I was not expecting much. I assumed, there will be slightly better blood flow in my veins, and my muscles would feel relaxed. But I didn't expect such lightness as if the body had suddenly become nimble.

Anyways, back to Droni. They helped me up after 40 minutes and led me to the steam area. The person told me to expect to sweat from the skin. I told him that this was my first such experience, and it was great to have someone do it right. He helps me set the steam level right. Not too hot, just the right temp to sweat it out as he explained.

After a shower, I get ready, and I am told the doctor is expecting me. I meet this intelligent young doctor, glad that they have a qualified Ayurvedic doctor on board, in case of need arises for specialized therapy. I got an opportunity to discuss with him the benefits of Ayurveda and how they locate the problem and just work on it. Like, they don't cure your illness alone, but go to the root cause and work on it. It is natural so advantageous and in sync with nature.

I discussed more about the lifestyle choices we indulge in and how some of the harm is unavoidable. He explains to me how Ayurvedic fundamentals can aid in a healthy lifestyle.

I finish my herbal tea, which the staff has handed me and head back home, a little lighter, more agile definitely, and loaded with wisdom of Ayurvedic therapies. 


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