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'Everyone Beautiful' themed India's biggest Beauty extravaganza

Big things are bound to happen when industry stalwarts come together to create something spectacular, something impactful.

“Make me Up”, India's biggest platform for Indian Beauty Professionals celebrating 'Everyone Beautiful', will be held from 21st to 22nd December 2019, at A-DOT, Gurugram, Haryana. Organised by Vibgyor Brand Services & Touchwood Group, “Make me Up” is going to be a one stop showcase for everything beauty and make-up. This never seen before experiential journey of 2 days will cater to both professionals and consumers alike.

Kanika Bablani, Associate Director ,Touchwood Group and brainchild behind Make me Up, said, “Make me Up has been conceptualised and designed to be an experiential space wherein everyone associated with the beauty space gets to explore, engage and have a long lasting relationship with newer opportunities every day. Sky is the limit and we will keep adding value to make it bigger and better every year because as we say and believe #Everyone beautiful.”

The festival will be a beauty and make up galore for brands, professionals and consumers under one roof. In addition to the brands and make-up artists showcase there will be special knowledge sessions by industry experts sharing their knowledge about Indian & International practices for skill enhancement. With an expected footfall of 5000+, “Make me Up” will also witness presence of 200 Brides-to-be on both days of the event helping them to connect with the right brands and Beauty professionals.

Giving his view point on the intellectual property, Ankur Kalra, MD, Vibgyor Brand Services and Co-promoter of Make me up quoted “With the Indian Beauty Industry expected to reach USD 20 BN by the year 2025, we thought this would be an apt time to create a platform that not just brings all related to this industry under one platform, but will also be a move at organising the overall industry.”

The organisers have ensured that quality of content around the event is top notch and have taken well thought and planned efforts to offer Master classes by renowned Indian beauty experts Ojas Rajani, Chandini Singh, Gomit Chopra, Niti Luthra & Mansi Lakhwani and “Make meUp”icons Harshdeep Kaur, Rudrani Chettri, Claudia Ciesla & Actress Neha Dhupia , to name a few.

This beauty community event will not only offer exchange of knowledge on international practices, skills and share insights on the emerging trends in the beauty market but will also touch sensitive issues through Runway Walks to highlight social causes.

The show will finally conclude with the awards conferring ceremony promoting the local talent and motivating the home grown Artists.

About Touchwood Group:

Touchwood Group is an enterprise with more than 2 decades of services in the experiential, entertainment & wedding domain. 

About Vibgyor Brand Services:

Vibgyor Brand Services is an experiential agency that walks the talk, creating opportunities for brands to connect with their customers and giving them amazing experiences that touch, move and inspire. 


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