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Earth Day 2021 - Restore Our Earth

As I write this, we are surrounded by a Global Health Emergency. The Covid-19 virus has not just caused a pandemic but also shaken the way our Planet functions.

Picture Copyright Tushar Mangl 2021

Millions are dying, economies shattered, travel is becoming harder by the day, all due to this Pandemic. In this backdrop, it becomes vital that we pay attention to this year's Earth Day theme.

In the year 1970, the Earth Day movement began in the United States, raising concerns about the harm to our environment and seeking solutions for the same. In 2021 its purpose remains as relevant as 51 years ago. As our population increases, so is the grave harm to our Planet.

It is this harm that is resulting in climate change, threatening ecosystems, and destroying wildlife spaces.  Animals to Humans virus transfer thus becomes inevitable, raising possibilities of Pandemics like Covid-19. 

The theme this restore our Earth might be our chance to atone the mistakes of the past. We don't need to plant more trees. We need to talk about this, escalate climate literacy and come with concrete visions for the future. 

Here is a list of five things any of us can do from our homes to restore our Planet.

1) Plantation at home - Raise more plants at your home. Decorate those staircases with Greens. Use that terrace space to grow some food. Plant something fragrant in your front yard.

2) Upcycle- You have a lot of belongings. Reuse, Recycle or Repurpose them. 

3) Be Climate Literate - Learn facts about what's happening to our climate. Find solutions to what needs to be done at an individual level to repair the harm to our seasons.

4) Begin Composting - It's the easiest way to do something good for mother Earth. 

5) Redo your lifestyle - Sustainability does not mean that you have to adopt a new way of living. Just making small changes in your routine can also do wonders for your environment.

Cleaner air and environs, less pollution of soil and Earth, will ultimately benefit you, your loved ones, and their health. Let us work together to restore our Earth.


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