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Christmas Book Recommendations by Tushar Mangl

Gift yourself a good book this Christmas season 🎁 🎁

📚 Tushar Mangl's Christmas Book Recommendations 🎁

1) "Time for Bharat" by Arun Ganesh and Srinath Sridharan
Notion Press 
🌟 Dive into the heart of India's history and politics in this enlightening journey, exploring the evolution of Bharat through a nuanced lens. How has time shaped the nation we know today? Share your insights! 

2) "My Country My Life" by Lal Krishna Advani
🌟 Embark on a riveting memoir, where Advani reflects on a lifetime dedicated to shaping the destiny of a nation. What lessons can we draw from his experiences? Share your thoughts!


3) "Srimad Bhagavad Gita: A Guide to Daily Living" by Pujya Ma of Arpana Trust
🌟 Discover timeless wisdom that transcends ages. How can the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita enrich your daily life? Share your favorite insights and tag someone who needs this guidance! 

4) "The Barber's Trade Union and other Stories" by Mulk Raj Anand
🌟 Immerse yourself in Anand's poignant narratives, exploring the intricacies of society through vivid characters. Which story resonated with you the most, and why?

5) "The Last Island" by Adam Goodheart
Juggernaut Books
🌟 Set sail into a gripping tale that intertwines history and mystery on the tribes living in at the Andaman Islands. What would you do if you were on the last island? Tag a friend who loves historical fiction! 

Engage and share your book recommendations, and tag friends who share your love for books!

 Let's make this Christmas a season of special gifting. 📖✨ 


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