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The bookizie Tag

Wednesday,may 28,2008,5.10 pm

Ohk,am creating this tag,inspired by a post i read on jabberwocky,its just been mildly inspired.
lets see the rules first
*Bold the ones you've read
*Italicize the ones you want to read
*leave blank the ones that you aren't interested in.
* Add any 5 titles of your choice in this list,before you pass on the tag

  1. Agatha Christie - Sad Cypress
  2. Ayn rand - The fountainhead
  3. Ayn rand - Atlas shrugged
  4. Anurag Mathur - The inscrutable Americans
  5. Arthur Hailey- Hotel
  6. Alistair maclean - The guns of navarone
  7. Anne frank- The diary of a young girl
  8. Danielle Steel - Full circle
  9. Enid Blyton - the famous five series
  10. Jeffery Archer - Not a penny more and not a penny less
  11. Jackie collins - Hollywood wives
  12. James Hadley Chase - An ear to the ground
  13. Ken follet - A place called freedom
  14. Mario Puzo - the Godfather
  15. Micheal Crichton - Airframe
  16. Mills and boons - Any book or series- mention it
  17. Paulo Coelho - The alchemist
  18. Robert Ludlum - Trevayne
  19. Sidney Sheldon - The sands of time
  20. Suketu Mehta - The maximum city
  21. Thomas Hardy - Far from the madding crowd
  22. Shrimad Bhagavad Gita
  23. Dan Brown - The deception point
  24. Emily Bronte- Wuthering heights
  25. Eric Segal - The Class
  26. Mulk raj Anand - Coolie
  27. R.K. Narayan - The English teacher
  28. J.k. Rowling - The Potter series
  29. Sidney Sheldon - A stranger in the mirror
  30. Agatha Christie - Curtain[ Poirot's last case]

Ok, so we can tag as many people we like.Four people who have already done this are :-

Shaista,SUkanaya ,Pankhuri and kash. Members and readers are requested to this tag either on thier personal blog or this blog itself.Also compare up your answers with these people who have done this,and offer suggestions.

Jai Sri Ram !!!


wild iris said…
yeah, i saw this tag on jabberwocky too. I'll take it.
wild iris said…
but hey, you haven't made any of them bold or italicized... :S
Tshhar Mangal said…
Oh,I made the list myself.
SO its obvious i have read many of them.
Not much fun doing it

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