The Discussion Of the Month

In my previous post, I had suggested a topic for discussion.
I would like to deliberate my views on the same today.

"Whatever They may be In public Life,Whatever their relations with men,in their relations with women,all men are rapists and that's all they are.They rape us with their eyes,their laws,their codes."
- Marilyn French,Writer


I will say that this statement is partially correct only, because i don't agree with the word rape in this particular quote.
I agree men made various laws, they laid down a bulk of code of conduct to be followed by women,especially in the Indian Society.
Also the eyes part.For centuries women have been treated just like an object of lust, a virgin to be laid or a wife to produce heirs.As the sentence correctly says, whatever men be in public life or social or professional life, from inside most of them are the same.
But the writer used a very strong word rape, which i think is totally uncalled for.Women were exploited in the past,because they allowed themselves to be exploited.They slept quietly when their husbands laid awake on the beds of whores.They remained silent when they were imprisoned in the unjust rules and regulations. They Strive hard to be Moralistic and Ideal wives,mothers,sisters, and encouraged immorality of their husbands,sons and brothers.
And when I see the present scenario,the girls of today, take their new social status for granted and in the process have become more submissive to men.
A magazine report i read, told a story of a girl who committed suicide for the guy whom she loved didn't love her.Another Girl I came across, who had undergone a surgery of some sorts [I don't recall the details] to please her boyfriend both of them aged 16.
There was another 17 year girl who pestered her male friend to come and stay with her for a couple of days since her parents were away.The guy was disturbed and approached me for help.A girl taking a lead,proposing a guy for date or marriage is no longer a new thing in our society.Even if you study the patterns of rising pre-martial sex,its the woman who is taking the initiative but opts for the submissive role in the act.In most cases these are the findings.
Till date the liberal Indian society has not come in terms with concept of virtual world and girls having male friends online.
Laws, the laws like dowry made for women are being grossly misused.Most of the laws made to protect women rights are witnessing high rates of misuse.Why blame men for that?
Its True men, treated women in a wrong manner.But see the way women reacted to the codes and laws made for them.No its not rape.It is never a rape.
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