No One Understand Teens…. Their feelings, their freedom and their life.

Much has been written about this phase of life, the teenage. When a child is no more a small kid and there is much time left for his or her to become an adult. This is the time when a child starts putting question about the value system of his or her family and society, about the rites and rituals imbibed in them which are followed from their ancestor’s time. It is a time of great confusion for them because they want to throw away the old and unethical values and wants to formulate the new ones that are practical. Parents often get shaken when their son or daughter question the values they are grown up with. But is not an issue of worry they should understand that their child is taking the first step of becoming his or her own. Being a teenager the child thinks that the parents do not understand them and they try to run their life. It is my personal experience. I felt the same when I was a teenager; I always felt that we, I and my parents live in different world with different time. They always try to control me and put bars on my freedom, my hopes my thoughts my desires and my ambition. But it always stood with a mix feeling, at a moment I used to feel that they don’t care for me at all and the very next moment it seemed to me that what they are saying and planning for me is right and I should follow their advice. But never did so no one does it the rebel feeling of the teenagers never allow them to agree to their parents. Regardless all this today’s teenagers though go through the same experience still they know how to behave and respect adults, they know how to present their feelings in front of their parents and how to behave in the situation where they are forcibly placed. Teenagers will never change as this phase of life is that phase which makes their life upside down and they too are equally confused regarding their surroundings. They are not yet ready to take decisions of their life but should be encouraged by their parents so that they can become independent and strong for their better future.


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