Teenagers….welcoming adult hood with love, friendship and dating relations

When a child gets into this part of life they place their childhood fancies aside, and pick up hopes of becoming what they want to be. They are taking their first steps for venturing into adult hood. They believe in themselves and move ahead with this strength. Teenage behave in a very typical manner, their mood swings with change of time. In a minute they are happy the next moment they are sad. They make new friends and swear to their life to be friends forever but the very next moment they fight over small issues. They talk to their friends for long, and often don’t talk to them for months. Teenagers have a mix feeling in them regarding their friends in a moments they love them the next they hate them. Love comes with a different theory for teenagers. For most of them an intimate relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of their rights as they feel they are adult. Unfortunately they do not have patience to make their love last. Most of them take crush as their love and with the pass of time it gets over ad they face heartbreak. Going through a breakup is the most painful thing a teenager experience. The person with whom he or she has shared the most intimate thoughts is now nothing to them; he or she is just another person that passes by in the hallway. But you will never see them sad on that matter because with the rise of the sun a new love interest will rise in and they will make plans to see them to call them for a date will bring gifts and love cards for them. So you see love, friendship, breakups, intimate relations, dating, etc. have a different theory in the life of the teenagers. Though some do get involve seriously with their first love but the count is very low.


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