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Behind Closed Doors!

Behind Closed Doors!

A survey says that 52% would not like to marry their spouses again. What lies behind that closed door is yet another faded marriage which has stifled in the ‘reality stage’ of marriage which is a scary time as the two of them feel disillusionment, keep score, think that the two are in a rut, play power struggle games, and fuss with one another over little things. While, both of them are busy in achieving their career goals things like family holiday, children take a back seat.

What also lies behind that closed door are two lives exhausted, worn out, stressed and thus also suffocated because they find no shoulder to rest upon once back at home. No pat on the back for the good days hard work, because the one whom you expect to boost your morale is perhaps done the same thing as you and finds nothing so special in your efforts. No time for each other, also leads to looking behind those closed doors in the hope of finding a solace. But only if by closing one door another door would have opened.

Behind that closed doors also lies expectations few fulfilled and most shattered. The illusion of beautiful married life traumatized by sheer lack of misunderstanding and crossing barriers and limitations of each other’s potential. In the urge to be equal, expressions like sacrifice, tolerance, adjustment find place nowhere.

No wonder, young people these days are so skeptical about marriage which makes me wonder why one should not get married,

Should you NOT get married if :

-you think your career is more important than family and marriage.

-you want to get rid of your feelings of discomfort about being single.

-you simply feel like "it's time” and age.

-you're hoping it will bring happiness into a life that is unhappy? and finally

Do not marry if you are not ready.

Pranali Sherkar


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